Winter in Hieron 03: You Haven't Kept Up, Have You?

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Have you read these so-called “broadsides” from Ordenna yet, Alyosha? They’ve been distributing them here in Rosemerrow. One of them, “A Letter From Impetor Fela Malle,” gets passed around by the young and angry here, youth desperate for a firm hand, for order.

It’s apparently a transcript of a speech delivered by the head of Blood Malle—a rallying cry or an apologia, it is hard to tell. Regardless, I’d scoff at the the arrogance if the paper could hear it. Still, I wonder what you think of it, child.  So, I’ve sent it along for your eyes to labor over—and they will grow weary, I know, but pay close attention to this, at least:

There are, I understand, fears about our new soldiers. There are whispers and rumors of witchcraft, and forbidden magic. Dispel these from your mind, just as these new soldiers will help us dispel those obstacles from the continent. These warriors are not a threat. No. They are our Anchor.

Built of Our Steel, they connect us to our soil and our culture as the Ordennan Impetus moves eastward. They will march onto the fronts too dangerous for our children to travel, invulnerable to the dangerous magic of our foes, a symbol of our progress and strength.

And they carry our message: Civilization in Hieron is not lost in the past. Nor is it in some ever-distant tomorrow. Civilization is today. And Civilization is Ordennan."

With words like that, Alyosha, how can you still believe the best of collective humanity? What new evils will be wrought in the name of ‘civilization.’ Who will you damn next by refusing to stand against this? Or… perhaps, you are convinced now, child, that there is evil not in man's heart, but in men's.

This week on Winter in Hieron: You Haven't Kept Up, Have You?

Arrell. The hammer will strike hot steel whether we wish it to or not. It is our duty not to interfere, but to turn the smith’s hand such that they build shields and spades instead of spears and blades.

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