Winter in Hieron 23: Make the Library Smile

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They pursue two patterns. They showed me only the first until today, but I’ve finally gained their trust! I’ve marked what I understand with an X, and seek your guidance on the rest. Brackets are lacunic markers, as in Roak’s Notation.

A Lukewarm Sun, Bowing - X

A Room of Seeded Prisms

Two lodestars that carries [the banner of the queen of death] - X

One which sees [the old world] - X

One which destroys [the old world]

The Second Face of the [Bright Boy]

A tower of [tomorrow’s light.]

A new archive of “broken, whole mirrors” - X

The Cooling Embers of a God’s Verse - X (Though we must find this book)

A stolen fiddle in its home - X

I do wish you were on terms with Tel, Collector-Curator. Your goals may be different, yes, but competing merchants are both benefited by the construction of roads.

This week on Friends at the Table: Make the Library Smile


My relation to Tel is not your concern, nor do we compete like petty shopkeepers. Our differences will shape the future of the Archives and of Hieron. If you can, you must walk the road for me. If you cannot, show whoever goes the value of your apparitives before they go. Their utility is ideology enough.

As for the missing parts of the sequence… You use Roak’s terms yet do not remember her greatest lesson: When you do not understand an element of a pattern, do not bang your head against the wall until you understand it. Instead, move the world until it is uncontrovertibly true.

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Ephrim and Lem, as you come up the side of this mountain, you can hear the sounds of arguing coming from the study and observatory of Sunder Havelton and Uklan Tel, who you're going to for various reasons, but mostly because you believe that they, or their associate Jean Kurr, can lead you to your compatriot, Fero Feritas, who has been taken by Mental Acquisitions, a department of the Archives.

You can hear some arguing; not shouting, but definitely some very agitated voices, I'd say. You hear one of them say, "There isn't enough time, we have to do this now." And you're hearing this through a pair of small windows that don't have any glass in them, they're just, like, broken into the side of this red clay building at the top of this mountain, and through a heavy wooden door. What do you do?

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