Winter in Hieron 28: What Life Looks Like

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Living Blood of Fire,

I had reservations, but your so-called ‘Fel anchor’ captured the curator Havelton after my own scouts could not. I am a proud man, but not too proud to see utility in action.
Despite their effectiveness, I plead with you to not yet move on the island. It is imperative that we know exactly what is on in that place before we attack, and my interrogation of the witch scholar provides is already providing answers. 
For instance: That blade of the Queenkiller’s is not of Ordennan make at all. It is something much, much older, built by occultists before the erasure. They called it the “Blade in the Dark,” and it was supposedly a tool to fight some ancient nemesis. 
She said that it held something older than the Ordennan Empire, though that seemed obvious—old blades draw blood for long times. When I demanded the heretic tell me more, she looked me in the eyes with the ferocity of Impetor Mall and said, plainly, that for all of its sharpness, the blade in the dark is first and foremost a place. “It is a gateway and a manor both, and invitations are always at the ready.” 
I am not sure what that means, but this alone gives me pause. Give me another day with “Sunder” Havelton. The answers will be our shield.
Justiciar-Captain Stornras Unblooded
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Her blade is not Ordennan yet kills the cursed and the uncanny? Then it—like the Queenkiller herself—must be retrieved. Whatever other secrets Havelton knows can be obtained after we recover Hella Varal, dispatch her traitorous allies, and deal with whatever power has drawn them here.

You say that we should not yet moe on the island, Glasseye. Yet as we speak, I raise ballast so that our ship may take flight: The island is moving on us.

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