Kalar Anakalar

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Break Lieutenant Kalar Anakalar is a character in PARTIZAN. His playbook is the Giantkiller.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is a Talonite, a bird-like alien species, and is tall even for a Talonite. He has white and grey plumage, and wears coat that is either long, or cool.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He believes that Divines should not be used in war.

Drive[edit | edit source]

  • Get his family back to Partizan.

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

Anakalar is a soldier holding the rank of Break Lieutenant in Millennium Break, who specializes in fighting Hollows without one of his own.

Originally, Kalar was a steeplejack in Obelle, and a member of a religious community devoted to the Divine Peace. He has a husband, and three children, who he sent off of Partizan in order to keep them safe from the fighting.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

  • Million is a remarkable soldier. There is a lot that I could learn from her.
  • Broun designed the weapons I destroy, is this just another paycheck?
  • Phrygian's motives are unclear and concerning. Please don't let this be a work.
  • In turning to Clementine in desperation, Sovereign Immunity handed her a lot. I believe that he can take double back.
  • The Figure’s loyalty is highly questionable, their abilities are not. What’s to be gained by working with a spy?
  • Milli boarding the Reflecting Pool took courage, but I wish she hadn’t left once we needed her the most.

Mech[edit | edit source]

Kalar Anakalar does not have a mech.