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Ver'million Blue (who goes by Million or Millie) is a character in PARTIZAN. Her playbook is the Scout.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has sharp features, disheveled teal hair, and tired eyes, usually obscured by her hair. She's still in combat shape, from a combination of working out and prison labor. She wears goggles around her neck when she pilots her mech.

Her style is old school goth with grunge and punk inspirations; she usually wears a leather jacket, but in prison she probably wears jumpsuits.

In later missions, she gets a biker jacket with "DIVINE RETRIBUTION" written on the back.[1] During the timeskip after "The Red Light", her hair has grown out and she maybe gets a little bit of a goth witch look.[2]

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

Millie comes from Apostolos. She is a super-soldier and a clone of the Eidolon Vervain, created by the Glory Project. She was created to be a sniper, and was deployed to the front-lines and left for dead after she was deemed "defective." She survived and betrayed Apostolos violently; while she was on the run, she was captured by Stel Kesh and sent to Partizan.

Similarly to Broun, she doesn't use Apostolisian pronouns, and does not feel connected to the culture. She is a trans woman.

Her drive is to claw her way out of prison and the war.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

  • Sovereign Immunity: A history with Kesh and he's pals with the warden? I definitely can't trust this guy.
  • Leap was a pirate? Maybe I could join his crew.
  • Clementine has no business being here. She's going to get me killed.
  • Leap has my back as long as it's convenient for him.
  • Clementine is better suited to ballrooms than battlefields.
  • Broun’s intentions sometimes worry me, but they're useful to have around.
  • Phrygian knows what Apostolos is capable of, I wonder if they'll help me stop them.
  • I respect what Anakalar is fighting for, but I worry they won't survive to see it.
  • Thisbe is hard to read and I don’t think I’m the type who’s going to learn how.
  • [Second bond with Broun, unwritten]

Bond (Kingdom)[edit | edit source]

  • Sovereign Immunity's connections could get us out of prison. I need to make sure this summit doesn't make him forget that.

Possessions[edit | edit source]

  • R.U.N.T (Robotic Utilities and Navigation Tool): A floating, coffin-shaped, well-programed hunter-killer robot. Obeys Milli’s commands, anticipates her actions, carries her sniper rifle, and wields its own smaller weapons.

Mech[edit | edit source]

Millie's mech is the Stray Dog: a humanoid mech with a rail-gun. It has the ability to change shape, both in minor ways, and between two discrete forms via the Lacrimosa Drive. The mech is basically a giant sniper rifle that can pick up and use guns. It's got sleek black and silver plating with a glow underneath. It also has one eye like a Cyclops.

References[edit | edit source]