Armour Astir: Advent

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Armour Astir: Advent is a game by Briar Sovereign featured in the Road to PARTIZAN and set to be the main game of the upcoming season PALISADE.

Armour Astir: Advent is a PBTA game where the players use their wits, expertise, and their huge magical mechs to fight back against an oppressive power. A love letter to mecha anime and fantasy fiction broadly, Armour Astir is designed to evoke the feel and pace of shows like Mobile Suit Gundam and Escaflowne in an accessible, narrative-focused format: without skimping out when it comes to the exciting action. Armour Astir: Advent page

The live game of Armour Astir was played during the game's development and likely differs from the 1.0 release, which came out prior to the start of PALISADE.

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