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On August 3rd, 2019, Austin, Art, Keith, Dre, and Sylvi performed a live show at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. They played a one-shot game of Blades in the Dark set in Marielda during the timeskip between "The Valentine Affair Pt. 4" and "Four Conversations", with Dre and Sylvi reprising their roles as Sige and Aubrey, and Art and Keith playing new characters.

Episode description[edit | edit source]

Here's our GenCon liveshow set in Marielda, playing Blades in the Dark!

While this game of Blades in the Dark takes place in our Marielda setting, it's totally listenable even without that background (at least, that's what some totally new fans told us at the event!). That said, I do think listening to Marielda first makes it shine even brighter. For those curious, it takes place in the time jump between "The Valentine Affair Pt. 4" and "Four Conversations," and here's how we listed it in the big list of GenCon Events:

Come watch a high stakes heist in an industrial fantasy world like no other! Friends at the Table leads you through a live Blades in the Dark game featuring new and returning players from their Marielda campaign. For new fans, get ready to learn about tea witches, lovelorn gods, and a very unpredictable train. For those in the know: Months before their climactic confrontation, Aubrey and Sige find themselves teamed up with a rival gang on a robbery like no other. Their target is a national treasure: the very first words written to page.

Also if you listen to this and love it, and want to hear even more about Art and Keith's characters, we recorded their character creation and posted that as Pusher update right here.

Cast[edit | edit source]