Messy Business

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Messy Business is the seventh and final arc of Season One of Bluff City. It was played in the Lacuna system by Jared Sorensen, with additional mechanics regarding character connections and plot development taken from TechNoir by Jeremy Keller.

It used characters previously seen in Bluff City, from the A Bowling Alley, A Boxer, and a Bird (Maggie Darcy, Finnegan Hands, and Achilles Apollo), There Is No Greater Love (Florence Slowly, Christine Andrews, Leslie Strata, Hector Hu), and When Justice Is Done (Gale Green) arcs.

Unlike previous arcs, where episodes were released once per month, Messy Business was released weekly in four parts from Feburary 16th 2019 to March 11th 2019, and concluded the first season of Bluff City.

Episode List
Bluff City 16: Messy Business (Pt 1)
Bluff City 17: Messy Business (Pt 2)
Bluff City 18: Messy Business (Pt 3)
Bluff City 19: Messy Business (Pt 4)

Music[edit | edit source]

This episode's main theme samples the second movement of Franz Schubert's Piano Trio in E flat Major, from a public domain mark 1.0 recording sourced from the European Archive via museopen. The dial tone heard in the opening and closing is from a recording by giddster, via freesound, licensed under a creative commons 0 license.

The final track samples Del Carnaval, by Juanitos, licensed under a creative commons 2 France license.

Episode Introductions[edit | edit source]

The introductions for this arc are Specialist Corson recording their examinations

Other Episode Information[edit | edit source]

The game board for this game can be seen on patreon and the Drawing Maps stream for the finale prep is also available on patreon (both require patreon login to view).

Case File[edit | edit source]


Film star BLAKE BLOSSOM is dead. This is, on its own, is not surprising: famous actors die at least as often as everyone else. But it is where he died that makes this an issue for ███████████ (The Concern). Blossom was last seen walking down the beach one week after the filming of “The Eighty Six,” at approximate 0200, far from any SHUNT POINTS. Yet within the month, Green Level agents reported that he had emerged in BLOUGH CITY, where he quickly began a new career as an avant-garde filmmaker--something no transplant could do without connections and support. 8 months later, he disappeared without a trace. Two days ago his body was found in THE THICKET by a construction crew while draining a pond at a new housing development. Witness reports indicate that he was found with portable film camera, its reel empty. Due to the strange nature of his arrival, his rapid ascent in the metropolis’ social scene, and the secrecy around his cause of death, it is possible that he was in contact with ████████████ (Agent Squire aka Hector Hu) or another hostile personality. OPERATE WITH CAUTION.