Remembrance Cobb

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Remembrance Cobb is a reluctant butcher with a shop in Red House. He used to be a builder, but he took over his brother's trade after the Tower of Samot was created, obliterating the mall in which his brother worked. He holds a grudge against Walligan Upchurch, who obstructed his efforts to hold a funeral for his brother. He needs the support of County Sans-Soleil, a man with working experience, but County knew and resented Remembrance's brother.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Remembrance is a large, square man who generally has his sleeves rolled up and a cleaver or other tool in his hand. He is almost too fastidious, washing his hands with a cloth rather than wiping them on his butcher's apron, which is either plain white or striped. Jack likened him to Ed Blumquist, the young butcher played by Jesse Plemons on Fargo.

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