COUNTER/Weight 17: Metal That Has Died Twice

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The Chime takes off towards the abandoned dome to carry out their mission: Deceive Sister Rust and steal a mysterious golden orb from her Iron Choir. Unfortunately for them, they're not the only ones en route to Seabed City. Aria loses her footing, Cass confronts a truly awesome presence, Mako puts his training to the test, and AuDy makes a sacrifice.

This week on COUNTER/WEIGHT: "Metal that Has Died Twice"

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Plot[edit | edit source]

As the Kingdom Come and the Regent's Brilliance fly off in the early morning, they can see the OriCon Expeditionary Group blockade, but they both slip under. To the west is a broken dome, with the Divine Order, once Peace, exposed and towering over it. Aria stays out, but the Kingdom Come lands in Seabed City, and loses comms contact with her.

AuDy tells Sister Rust that OriCon is going to launch an attack on the city, but she doesn't believe them. They give Rust one of their antennae. She simply accepts it, so they give up on subterfuge, telling her that they're looking for the golden orb. She says they don't have it, but looks toward Order. At the same time as this conversation, Aria sees some "Bright Silhouette" Automaticorps drones flying in towards the Divine, and soon catches more blips flying in. Explosions begin to go off.

Mako flies toward Order, and sees eight drones attacking the city while a rigger made of modular pieces scans for something. Cass and AuDy run back to the Kingdom Come. Mako hacks into the drones and makes them attack each other. AuDy slams the Kingdom Come into the drones. Cass launches in the Megalo File and shoots at the rigger (a Keyfield suit), but the shot is intercepted. Aria sees five rooks arriving in the distance, and brings the Brilliance into the city to help.

AuDy starts shooting the remaining drones, misses and hits a church. Cass is still shooting missiles, but the last remaining drone attacks the Megalo File. Aria attacks the Keyfield suit, which breaks apart into individual Bright Silhouette drones, briefly revealing its pilot, Territory Jazz. Territory Jazz uses his laser whip and drones to cleave off one of the Brilliance's legs from the knee down.

Mako finds a way into Order, but can't easily fog it. Instead, he's brought into a strange black hallway filled with projected images of Peace. The final one shows Addax and Jace reaching for a golden orb.

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