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Episode Description[edit | edit source]

With their defense operation underway, the Rapid Evening have moved into position and identified a potential threat in the form of an unnaturally-moving sandstorm. As Sovereign Immunity and Clementine Kesh attempt to ingratiate themselves with the pilgrimage’s leadership and re-route the convoy, Exeter Leap and Ver’Million Blue standby in overwatch position. And as the storm grows nearer, it becomes clear that are not alone in their ambitions. But the threats are not only in the sand…


///Operation Dossier\\\[edit | edit source]

//Organizations\\[edit | edit source]

House Callister: The newest house of Orion, whose status was earned through “heroism in battle...” which is to say state-sanctioned piracy. Led by and named for Callister Drive Callister (who was given his new surname simultaneously with his new House), a sometimes ally, sometimes rival of the dreaded Exeter Leap

House Bittenbach: “Before all others.” Technically, this is Bittenbach’s motto because they were the very first noble house in Stel Orion, formed after their founder orchestrated a grand betrayal on behalf of the Principality. Today, though, it is quoted as evidence of the house’s legendary hunger for wealth (and their willingness to break norms to satiate it.) The house’s holdings on Partizan are operated by Burden Bittenbach. They were originally assigned to operate the Obelle mission in SBBR’s place. Now, has sent House Callister to retrieve Gur Sevraq during the pilgrimage.

The Wolfwings: This vanguard squad, led by ace pilot Cam’bage Elarune, ensures early-conflict air superiority and secure, long term reconnaissance capabilities for Stel Apostolos.

//People\\[edit | edit source]

Callister Drive Callister (he/him): The Columnar-born Callister Drive once preyed on the principality’s shipping channels alongside infamous pirates like Exeter Leap. Now, in exchange for a noble title, he’s decided to ply his trade on behalf of Stel Orion.

A-tek (she/her): Callister Drive’s butler, bodyguard, and (unfortunately for him) House Bittenbach-assigned handler. There to ensure Drive gets results, and also that he doesn’t consider taking the gifts given to him by Bittenbach and running elsewhere. Pilot of the Tempestarii.

Swansea See (they/them): An old-school member of Callister’s corsair crew. Thanks to Bittenbach technology, has been fully fused into their mech, the Conjurer.

“The Farmer” (he/him): A popular sobriquet used for the Sovereign Immunity who sometimes goes by the name Byron, who supported an agrarian revolution 13 years ago. Pilots the Thaumaturge.

AO Rooke (he/him): Audacious Opportunity Rooke was a young Orion merc caught in a daring (and foolhardy) raid against Stel Kesh. Refused to give up his employer and is now paying the price in service to the Rapid Evening as leader of their cohort of toughs.

Aleel Verdicate (she/her): Current Song of Partizan, making her the de facto head of the Church of Received Asterism on the moon.

//Things\\[edit | edit source]

Tempestarii: A Zenith Fund developed prototype hollow that teems with electromagnetic power, which it can use to create limited, localized weather phenomena. Often seen in its jet from, it can also take a bipedal mode. Something inside of it rumbles with a distant light. One of the hollows “liberated” from the Zenith Fund’s “Occult Project” by Callister Leap, before defecting. Side effects unknown.

Conjurer: An stout and sturdy Occult Project prototype hollow designed for both assault and diversion missions. Wields mid-range weaponry and deploys large, hollow-scale hover mines which project duplicate Conjurer units, fooling both sight and sensors. Operation requires total and permanent “synchronization” of its pilot with the Conjurer’s chassis.

Thaumaturge: An Occult Project prototype hollow designed for long range engagements. Is able visually conceal itself through an experimental active camouflage. The visibility which is displaced will re-appear to the pilot 2-3 days after the end of engagement. If ocular aberrations continue for more than a week, seek counsel from a licensed practitioner.

Troop: A basic combat hollow designed by Adamant Arms and Artifice and distributed by Stel Orion across the Principality. The Church of the Resin Heart has two, bought from SBBR after the group stole them from Stel Apostolos in Obelle.

//Additional Notes\\[edit | edit source]

Rapid Evening’s Objective: Escort the pilgrims on their journey from the point of their start to the point of their seabound departure at the eastern coast of the Prophet’s path. If Gur Sevraq’s life comes into serious danger, rescue them and extract back to Cruciat. Secondary Objective, as delivered to Sovereign Immunity: Secure Gur Sevraq regardless of his condition.

Rules of Engagement: Do not allow yourselves to be identified as members of Stel Kesh. Do no harm to the people of the Church, unless it is necessary in the securing of Gur Sevraq.

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