The Moving Pictures

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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Moving Pictures is the second arc of Season Two of Bluff City. It was played using the Catch the Devil system by Sage LaTorra. The first episode was released on December 30, 2019.

Episode List
Bluff City 23: The Moving Pictures (Pt. 1)
Bluff City 24: The Moving Pictures (Pt. 2)
Bluff City 25: The Moving Pictures (Pt. 3)

Music[edit | edit source]

This episode’s theme samples Laurens Goedhart’s recording of Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, used under a CC BY 3.0 license. Changes made included tempo, key, and melody adjustments. 

Episode Introductions[edit | edit source]

Diary entries from Alexandra Hughes.

Other Episode Information[edit | edit source]

The map and character sheets for this game can be seen on patreon (requires patreon login to view).