Live at the Table: Misspent Youth

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Cold open[edit | edit source]

When I hear people tell the story of this town, they always skip an act. They talk about the war to the north, about the refugees and the bad weather, fire from above, the arrival of cold on the western shore. And then they jump to the story of how those brigands and thieves changed the history of this city, of this world, forever.

They cannot wait to tell you about the distant affections of gods and the sharp, sharp edges of dark, dark blades. I swear to hear them tell the story of Marielda, that's all there is to it: Samothes, Samot, Maelgwyn, the Six. Sometimes they don't even mention me. They act as if the Lord of Ingenuity was the only source of authority in this town surrounded by a sea of fire, as if the sea of fire itself were not a second authority.

But, I am an authority on authority. And I have been around long enough to tell you that for every Lord with a capital "L," there is another, one happy to be written in lowercase. A little line. A little line determined to separate those in power... from those in need. They wear capes and grins and expensive rings. They dance when others cannot afford to listen to music. They send soldiers into the lives of normal folk, and when the soldiers cannot march, they make rules instead.

Authority like mine is rare, but authority like that is everywhere. But in the history of Hieron, throughout all time, we are blessed. Because for each little lord, there's a clique of youthful offenders, ready to kick over the throne.

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