Live at the Table: Fall of Magic Pt. 1

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This episode was originally released as a Patreon Exclusive Live at the Table but was re-released on to the main feed in September of 2018.

Episode description[edit | edit source]

Join Austin, Dre, Jack, and Janine--a hang-gliding town crier, a swineherd, a golem, and a... bush dog, respectively--as they travel with a mysterious Magus across a world that is slowly losing its mystical energy.

This was definitely one of our favorites so far, and we hope you enjoy it while we take some time off to prepare for spring! If you like what you hear and you're able to, you can support us over at! Donating at the $5 level gives you access to an entire year's backlog of Live at the Table (and everything else at that tier!)

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